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Travel by High Speed Train In Italy

Train Tours

In partnership with Trenitalia (Italia Rail), the official train provider in Italy, we are proud to offer a high speed train travel service as part of our Italy tours and travel packages. To travelers, seeing Italy by train is a wonderful experience and one that offers maximum comfort, flexibility and value for money. Opened in 1977, the high speed train reaches up to 360 km/h and connects Italy’s major cities, helping you discover as many places as possible while traveling.

First Class Travel

As you probably know, first class train travel in Italy is a choice reserved for ones who want more comfort and fewer seats per compartment.. More quiet and with greater room space for luggage, first class accommodations also include details like laptop connection plugs, complimentary soft drinks, daily newspapers, leather seats and meals by preference.

Second Class Travel

In a combination of two plus two, the second class seats in all high speed trains in Italy are the same. Designed in a style similar to the airline-style seats, they are perfectly comfortable and suited to the needs of average sized people. Even though taller people may find them discomforting, the second class train accommodation is the standard for a travel experience that is perfectly acceptable even for longer trips (ex. 3 hours). When it comes to luggage, the second class train accommodation in Italy handles quite large suitcases well and comes with compartments made of glass so that you ensure you haven't left anything behind. Secure, safe and quick, this is the standard for train travel in Italy.

High Speed Train Travel In Italy That Connects All Major Cities

Not everyone has the budget, convenience and time to explore Italy with a car rental or a professional chauffeur service. Luckily, high speed train travel is not a choice that is a downgrade from these luxuries. In fact, it is one of the most common choices for travelers who want affordable tours in Italy and travel packages that offer a great value for money.

Speaking of which, the high speed train travel is an option that connects most of the major cities. Known by the name ‘Frecciarossa’ (red arrow), it is operated by the national railway company of Italy. Some of the most popular stops are Torino, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and Salerno – all popular destinations on the affordable Italy tour map.

Some of the amenities included in the train are a full sit-down restaurant service with changing menus of traditional Italian dishes, soft drinks and employees serving you with all the necessary details. At Italy Affordable Tours, we are proud to also provide an additional service with an Assistance and a Porter that takes you from the train stations to your hotel.

Join us on one of our Italy tours by train and experience the high-speed Frecciarossa in full motion! Contact us below to schedule your tour!