Villa and Condo Rentals

Quality And Affordable Vacation Rentals In Italy For Families and Groups

Villa Rentals

If you are dreaming of a holiday with a perfect touch of luxury in any location in Italy, our villas and condo rentals can definitely be your safest choice. From Tuscany to Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia, we offer a wide selection of villas and condo rentals in Italy that tailor to your most sophisticated needs and are within your budget.

Families & Groups

Thinking of going on holiday with a group of 10-20 friends or relatives? No problem - we have a wide range of large individual properties. More time spent together means extra enjoyment and it would probably work out much cheaper per person too.


On the other hand, many of our villas and apartments are just for 2 people. Obviously more intimate and cozy - just right for that get-away holiday or honeymoon, alone in the most romantic country in the world! Our knowledgeable reservations team can point out the best choices.

Schools & Colleges

Italy Affordable Tours provides custom designed group study tours to Italy. Groups range in size and composition, from high schools, college and university class tours, alumni tours, museum and art associations to special interest groups. Our experience and dedication combined with our extensive Network of travel products and suppliers has made us a World Leader Provider of exclusive and personalized Educational Tours. Our mission is to continually exceed the expectations of parents, teachers and students by anticipating and addressing their needs.

What Makes Our Italy Villas And Condo Rentals Different From The Others?

If you are wondering what is the difference between ours and the other vacation rentals in Italy available online, it is simply – your satisfaction. At Italy Affordable Tours, we do everything to please and excite you during your trip. Our Italy tour planning starts with the vacation rental accommodation of your choice and the one that best suits your group of friends or family members traveling with you.

Whether you are traveling with your partner or your group of friends, finding the right type of villa or condo in Italy can be difficult. With Italy Affordable Tours, you are set to experience the best holiday accommodation in every corner of Italy.

As an official partner of many hotels, booking platforms and accommodation providers, our expert travel specialists have a large assortment of vacation rental accommodations in Italy to choose from, including popular rentals located right next to many UNESCO World Heritage sites within the country.

Finding Your Holiday Home In Italy Has Never Been Easier

Short term holiday rentals in Italy has never been easier to find, all thanks to our travel specialists. At Italy Affordable Tours, we are committed to you having the vacation of your dreams in the villa rentals or cottages that tailor to your needs. Whether you want to spoil yourself while on holiday and enjoy in the most luxurious villas, or maybe want to get the best prices on holiday rentals in attractive locations in Italy – we have thought of everything and will get you a collection of holiday rentals to book.

Well known in the list of tourist destinations, Italy is an extraordinary country with a lot of secrets worth exploring. Rent in Italy, on the other hand, has never been easier to find. From Rome to Milan, Amalfi Coast to Capri, Genoa, Torino, Naples and Sardinia – our vacation rentals in Italy know no boundaries and limits.

It takes only one contact to start planning your perfect holiday in Italy – in the villa or condo of your dreams… Contact us below and get in touch today!