Ischia and its volcanic landscape offers a bizarre concoction travel delights to enthrall its visitors. Expansive spa towns, daunting necropolises buried under the ground, chestnut forests, sprawling vineyards, idyllic little towns and lavish gardens – Ischia has everything a traveler can expect from an Italian vacation. But these wonders also highlight this place quite prominently on the tourist maps, which means the cost of travel and accommodation here can be sky high, often too much to afford for an average explorer. If you too fall in this category of travelers, here are the 5 best tips that you can follow for planning a cheap holiday to Ischia, Italy.

    • Research prominent tourist seasons and try to plan your visit to Ischia towards the end or beginning of this busy time period. You are most likely to get much better rates for every service during this time, despite of the weather challenges that may crop up for you to bear.
    • Get in touch with a local and plan a homestay for yourself in Ischia, Italy. Italians are genuinely warm and friendly people who would love to open their home to welcome someone they know or trust. Using Facebook to network with the locals might get you a good couch surfing or homestay deal that might not be visible on regular travel forums.
    • When buying a cheap holiday package to Ischia, Italy, try and keep your food arrangements in your own hands. This will give you a chance to explore more options and find the most affordable places to eat other than the overpriced hotel you are staying at.
    • Book early to avoid last minute surge prices. This tip can often get you some extremely good deals and discounts while ensuring that none of the experiences on your trip are compromised upon in any way. Planning early gets you good flight rates, hotel costs and overall service package deals!
    • Commute like a local to avoid unnecessary transportation expenses that can be better used on enjoying better food and wine. Traveling around Ischia in your own car is great but renting a bicycle for the same is even more exciting and pocket friendly too!

Just follow these tips to make the most out of your holiday to Ischia, Italy.