Capri is the tropical paradise of your dreams. The unadulterated Mediterranean beauty of this place has charmed and seduced many travelers across different eras. From Roman rulers to Russian revolutionaries to today’s A-list celebs – everyone has fallen under the magical spell that Capri can cast upon travelers. But considering the sheer popularity of the place and its prominence in the tourist circuit, many find Capri to be a bit too crowded for the peaceful travel experience they seek. Avid explorers and adventure seekers recommend November to be a great time to plan your holiday to Capri, Italy, just so you can avoid the regular tourist crowds that usually flock the streets here. Let’s contemplate the idea further:

November is the time when Capri’s off season begins. This is the time when Italy’s torrid summer and colorful autumn finally ends to make way for the wintry chills in the air. The tourist crowds thin and the usual hustle and bustle of the place dies down. November is, therefore, the time when you can get to enjoy the authentic, sleepy side of this island destination.

Yes… the winter temperatures will pose a hurdle and you will have to brace yourself against the chilling sea wind, but the effort will be totally worth it when you consider how closely you will get to explore Capri’s culture and lifestyle. This is the time when you can cozy up with the locals and become a part of the community. This is the time when the island’s authentic flavors and treasures spring out of their hiding places. This is the time when you get to experience Capri in its true wondrous grandeur.

And the best part about traveling to Capri in November – you can manage the entire trip while enjoying significant savings too! Off season bookings means off seasons rates on everything – accommodation, transport, flights as well as food. So, despite the winter conditions taking away from your vision of a tropical island holiday, visiting Capri in November is rewarding in every way! What do you think?