Who wouldn’t love a Christmas celebration with a stunning backdrop of the snow clad Alps! Yes… the temperatures may not be as comfortable as you would expect from the balmy Italian summers and, yes…truffle season would be over. But holiday celebrations in Piedmont with its lovely natural beauty, slow food and soothing wine has “Made in Italy” perfection stamped all over it! So go ahead and plan this year’s Christmas time with adventure by booking a Piedmont farm tour. This holiday season will be one that you will never be able to forget.

Elegance and sophistication is part and parcel with everything here. The second largest region in Italy – a land that is usually bustling with Truffle sniffers and thrill seekers all through summers and the autumn, suddenly falls into a lulling sleep as winter starts to knock on the door. This is the time when the locals begin to enjoy life as they like it. This is the time when you should plan your Piedmont farm tour, just so you can join the locals in celebrating the biggest festival of the year.

Don’t forget – when it comes to partying, Italians know how to do it right! So your Christmas time tour here will be filled with varied culinary experiences designed to satisfy all your cravings. Bold Barbaresco wines and creamy goat cheese will only be one part of the deal. The place has many more food and wine surprises up its sleeve. And when you are done with all your gastronomic forays, Piedmont farm tours during Christmas will also give you a chance to experience thrilling alpine sports to get adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Lovely winter landscapes, spine tingling adventures, delectable food and wine, comfortable farm stays and company of hearty happy Italians – what more can you ask Santa for this Christmas! Go ahead and book your Piedmont farm tour today and enjoy this holiday season in a way you have never done before.